Patch moves to 4.5-day work week in bid to boost employee wellbeing

A digital marketing agency in Kent has this month (May 2021) made the transition to a 4.5 day working week for its full team of employees.

As of 1st May 2021, Patch Marketing sees a shift in its staff’s working patten with offical office hours now from between Monday to Friday lunchtime, with Friday afternoons off. The move is a result of a culmination of findings from the last 12 months, including how a reduction in work hours each week has had little to no measurable impact on overall output and results.

Notably, this change comes without a reduction in the team’s pay – so whilst working hours have been reduced by 10%, Patch will keep each staff member’s salary at 100% of their full-time pay. Both lunch break durations and annual leave allowances also remain consistent with their previous five-day week. This evolution is intended to boost the wellbeing of team members by giving them back more free time without compromising on wages, helping to raise overall ‘quality of life’.

One of the biggest factors for spurring on this change has been covid. With the introduction of lockdown as well as broad reductions in client budgets in March 2020, the team was moved onto a 4-day week with 4-day salaries to match. During this period, Patch saw the benefits of having a better rested team who were more fulfilled in their personal lives. The company only saw a 4% reduction in total output compared to five-day weeks, despite time at work being reduced by 20%. The only problem was the reduction in employee salaries which was, in turn, impacting overall happiness and lifestyles.

Jackson Clark, founder at Patch, said: “Since 2017, we have worked off the system that every employee was allocated 30 hours of fee-earning work for each 37.5-hour week. We recognise that once you factor in time for admin and simply being human each day, there are only about six hours of the working day to be genuinely productive in.”

“Behind the scenes, we had been considering the four-day working week for quite some time. What held us back was trying to establish a fair way to allocate fee-earning hours to the team whilst accounting for wastage and admin, and still fitting it all into four days. We wanted to avoid losing the ‘breathing space’ our team benefits from since this can lead to fatigue, and almost always results in a loss of time and productivity anyway.”

“Ultimately, we concluded that if every team member had fewer hours in the office, they would be more efficient and there would be less total wastage. That’s why I’m delighted to be able to say that from 1st May 2021 Patch company salaries are at 100%, whilst the working week has been reduced by 10%.”

“Patch employees now receive the same salary as they did last year for working full-time, on just four and a half days per week.”

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