Planning the perfect corporate summer event: What’s Involved?

When it comes to planning a corporate event, there is no better time to do it than the summer. The glorious sunshine (or at least the promise of it) can open up a world of possibilities for you and allows you to get creative. You have the options to create a garden party, a festival vibe or a day at the beach, even if you are nowhere near the sea.

However, planning a summer corporate event is not easy, and there can be a lot to think about. There are huge amounts of planning that need to be done in order to make sure that your event goes with a bang, so we have put together a list of some of the most essential things that you need to think about.

Corporate catering

One of the best ways to keep people happy is make sure that there is a steady flow of food and drink at all times. These days, a limp cucumber sandwich just doesn’t cut it, and so you will need to get a little more creative when it comes to keeping people fed. One of the best ways to do this is to speak to a company who specialises in corporate catering as they can provide you with a long list of options. It can be great fun to hire food vans that can be positioned on site offering everything from delicious wood fired pizzas, burgers and hot dogs to fish and chips or a good old fashioned ice cream.

This ensures that all of the food is freshly cooked and of the highest quality, which is likely to leave a pretty good taste in the mouths of your guests. It also means that you can have plenty of options for those with special dietary requirements, whether it is a vegan menu, gluten free food or something that can take allergies into account. Good food is something which lives in the memory so investing in the right corporate catering is an important tool in making your event a success.

You can ensure that the catering is bespoke to your event, so talk to someone who can offer more than the standard beige buffet and get a little bit inventive with your corporate menu.

Corporate catering

Get the right venue

Choosing the right venue can be very important, as the theme of your event can get lost once you try and cram everybody into a sports hall or the work conference room. Look for places that can offer lots of facilities, beautiful views or some unusual experiences to make it an event that people will remember for a long time to come. Your event will need to be reflective of your business, so you need to think carefully about what your venue says about the company.

Roof tops can make great venues, as can locations near to rivers or lakes as the views on offer can give your event the added wow factor. Whilst it would be lovely for your even to be bathed in sunshine, unfortunately we cannot always rely on the British weather to deliver, and so you may need to have some contingency plans ready. Make sure there is an indoor space or a marquee that you can use should the heavens open to ensure that the weather does not put a dampener on your day.


The events that tend to be the most successful are the ones which offer some sort of experience. Simply gathering everyone together can lead to awkward silences or to people gathering in small familiar groups and not mingling. Offering an experience gives people something to enjoy while they are there and can help to get new people talking to each other.

You could consider running a cocktail making class, setting up escape room challenges, putting together an artistic effort or even hosting a quiz. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that is able to bring people together and will not leave anyone feeling silly.

Plan your dates

They say that timing is everything, and it certainly is when it comes to planning your event. You need to think carefully about whether the event should take place in work time or at a weekend or evening. Make sure that there are not major events that might clash with yours, as you do not want to find that half your guest list is watching the FA Cup Final or heading off to Glastonbury. Check the availability of some of your more important guests to see whether they have any holidays booked and then see what date allows you to bring the biggest number of people together. Remember not to let your event to go on too long – you want people to go away thinking it was fun, not counting the minutes until it is over.


Budget will always be a big factor in planning any event, so this needs to be at the forefront of all of your decisions. Establish what your budget will be from the start and then divide it up in order of priority. You might want to ensure that the corporate catering and the venue are taken care of and plough most of your budget into this, whilst putting some of the other elements together yourself.


Providing some sort of entertainment for your event can always be good fun and can act as a very effective ice breaker. This could be anything from a band or DJ to a comedian or magician or even an after-dinner speaker. Think carefully about the type of people who will be attending the event before deciding what type of entertainment is likely to be most appropriate.

A corporate event will always be a lot of hard work to organise, but it can be of huge importance to your business if you get it right. With a few creative ideas, a good plan of action and plenty of food, you are sure to make your event a terrific success this summer.

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Ellice Hudson is the Operations Director at Workplace Refreshments, that specialise in fresh local delivery for workplaces across Nottinghamshire. Workplace Refreshments are the one-stop place to get office food and drink essentials.

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